Mission Statement

Our goal is to advance the common interests of property owners in Port Elgin and Saugeen Township to various levels of government and private agencies to maintain and improve the quality of life in this beautiful recreational area with a focus on environmental concerns.

The Beachers' Organization is composed of the general membership and a volunteer Board of Directors that meet regularly during the spring, summer and fall. We welcome our members to attend the Annual General meeting to share ideas and concerns in an open and friendly forum and to contact any director at any time.

The Beachers' Organization is focused on important community concerns and issues.

  • We have a strong united voice in Saugeen Shores
  • We become involved when sensitive environmental concerns need to be addressed
  • We are a resource of community stewardship and information
  • We maintain a watchful eye on our neighbourhoods

The Beachers' Organization makes a difference!