Membership Benefits

As a volunteer board we try to act as a common voice on behalf of members through recommendations to the appropriate bodies on issues potentially impacting the health and safety of members and the ecology of our water and beaches. For example:

  • Municipal and Provincial Strategic Development
  • Storm Water and Waste Water management
  • Local By-Law changes
  • Municipal Beach grooming and maintenance
  • Beach / Water Ecology, Safety and Preservation.

We provide members with pertinent information on current local news and our initiatives by means of:

  • Newsletters and Updates emailed to members
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Postings on social media outlets

We offer an optional $65 winter patrol service from November through March and maintain a members only accessible directory of members on our web site. Our web site also has all previous newsletters archived for reference by members.

Our annual community project donates worthy improvements funded from member dues. Last year we donated defibrillators to both Main and Gobles Beaches and a binocular viewing station to the new main beach breakwall. In 2022 it will be a new main beach flagpole.

We have a volunteer Board of Directors and ex directors who work hard on behalf of members by:

  • Building congenial and respectful working relationships with Town Council and Staff Members and senior officials from the Police, Fire, Community Services and Public Works Departments.

The Beach grooming protocol is the direct result of our lobbying efforts. It both cleans up and aerates our beaches to help remove bacteria, viruses and pathogens from beach sand primarily due to bird droppings.

The Beachers pushed for the adoption of fire code numbers for all cottages and beaches to ensure emergency identification.

We co-operate with other like minded organizations on issues of common interest by:

  • Being a member and supporter of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations (FOCA)
  • Working with the Southampton Residents’ Association on mutual concerns.
  • Collaborating with the Lake Huron Centre for Costal Conservation on beach and dune preservation.

So when someone says “what do the Beachers do?” we have the answers.