Executive and Board

The Beacher Directors live in all the key beach areas from Eidt's Grove to the Port Elgin main Beach ensuring member concerns are well represented along our whole shoreline. Contact the Beachers with your concern and it will be brought to the attention of your area Director for follow up.

Executive Committee

Greg Schmalz

David Shemilt
Past President

Represents: Sands of Shipley


Dave Reynolds
Environment Director

Represents: Boat House Bay (south of boat launch)

Alan J. Broussard
Membership Director

Represents: Eidt’s Grove

Jeff Virgo
Community Liason Director

Represents: Gobles Grove

Emeritus Directors

David Martin

Represents: Main Beach

Bill Rose

Represents: Main Beach

Glenn Reist

Represents: Main Beach

Jamie Stiles

Represents: Main Beach