Beacher Code of Conduct

  1. Members shall at all times conduct their affairs so as to uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of individuals and the Beachers Organization.
  2. Shall a director, member or those applying for membership behave in a way that may have an adverse impact on the image of the Beachers and/or cause harm to or harass directors, individuals, communities or organizations including municipal officials and/or staff associated with the Beachers, be it verbal, electronic, physical, psychological or by social media posting, it may lead to disciplinary action and membership termination or denial.
  3. Final determination of such actions are at the sole discretion of the then standing president of the organization acting in a reasonable manner. Should the then president be in a conflict of interest the president shall appoint a director to make the final determination.
  4. For issues that are considered minor, or where a formal disciplinary action may appear too severe, an informal conversation with the director or member in dispute can be conducted and no formal or written documentation shall be required or retained.
  5. The procedure for the formal disciplinary action of a director or member includes the following three step process;
    • Formal verbal notice.
    • First and final notice in writing.
    • Notice of membership termination.
  6. Conduct that may lead to disciplinary action or membership denial includes but is not limited to, the following:
    • Engage in acts that are against the ethical standards of citizens of Port Elgin and the Beachers Code of Ethics.
    • Failure to demonstrate role expectations as outlined in this Ethics Code.
    • Behave in a manner that brings the Beachers into disrepute.
    • Conduct or condone verbal, electronic or physical harm or harassment of the Beachers Organization, any members, directors, broader community and/or external stakeholders of the Beachers including but not limited to the press, municipal, provincial or federal elected officials, their staffs or family members.
    • Directly or indirectly treat someone less than favourably, intimidate, humiliate, tease or undermine the reputation or well-being of others in the Beachers Organization regardless of any circumstances.
    • Inappropriate use of Beacher property real, intellectual or social media.
    • Wilful damage to the reputation of the Beacher Organization by using Beacher information, it’s policies or stated positions for personal or group advantage or private, commercial or business transactions without authorization by the Beachers.
    • Discloses passwords or internal information that results in leaks or unauthorised external access to the Beachers internal communication systems, web or social media sites.
    • Engages in acts that interfere with the ability of others to conduct business relevant to achieving Beacher objectives.
    • Is involved in the unauthorised installing or downloading software and programs related to the Beachers.
  7. Membership denial and/or formal disciplinary action will be carried out against any directors, members or would be members found to have engaged in disrespecting the Beachers reputation, its policies, positions, intellectual property rights, use of name, logo and/or copyrighted documents.

It is forbidden to use and distribute Beacher information and property, without authorisation by the board, for financial, group or other personal advantage. This is considered theft of Beacher property and shall be treated according to the process of handling misconduct.