Membership Benefits

A Common Voice:
We act as a common voice on behalf of members by expressing concerns, opinions and recommendations to the appropriate individuals and/or officials on issues with potential impact on the community. For example:

  • Municipal Strategic Plans
  • Local By-Law changes
  • Beach development and maintenance
  • Taxation

A Communicator:

  • We provide members with pertinent information on current topics by means of:
  • Timely Newsletters
  • An open Annual General Meeting.

A Provider of Services:

We provide services that members feel are important by:

  • Conducting surveys to gain members' ideas on key issues such as: the town's Official Plan, and a Waterfront Master Plan
  • Implementing an optional winter patrol service.
  • Producing an Annual Directory of members and other community information.

A Community Builder:
We have a volunteer Board of Directors who work on behalf of members by:

  • Building congenial and respectful working relationships with the Municipal Council members and senior officials from the Police, Fire, Community Services and Public Works Departments.
  • Improving signage in beach areas and trails.
  • Arranging for “Operation Identification” for home protection.

An Associate:

We co-operate with other like minded organizations on issues of common interest by:

  • Being a supporter of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations (FOCA) and the Waterfront Ratepayers after Fair Taxation (WRAFT) where the focus is on taxation and assessment issues.
  • Working with the Southampton Residents’ Association on mutual concerns.
  • Collaborating with the Lake Huron Centre for Costal Conservation on beach and dune preservation.